A few people lately have had some questions regarding doing work on some part of their drive train so we thought we would share some more information on this. The chassis and drive train design on C5 and C6 Corvettes is actually pretty cool. It takes several hours of work but if you have access to a lift, by unhooking some wiring and removing a few bolts, the entire running gear of the car can be be separated from the body. As you can see in the picture above, this is a car we worked on recently and had to remove the drive train. The engine, front suspension, brakes, torque tube, transmission, and rear suspension can all come out as one assembly. It can then be broken down into individual pieces if only one part needs to be replaced. This also gives you great access to the individual parts if you are doing performance upgrades or engine work as everything is out in the open and no longer in the car.

Here is another picture that shows the drive train assembly a little closer. The red bracing bars on the rear differential were an aftermarket add on this vehicle had and stock Corvettes will not have that on them.

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