Some members of the Boise Corvette Club, Valley Corvette’s, cruising through the 2011 Dairy Days Parade in Meridian, Idaho.

Bear’s Bolts n Bodies specializes in Corvette autobody repairs and restorations.

Sometimes we get some unusual repair jobs into the shop and this is one of them we finished
up recently. Our customer struck an object in the road while driving around and it actually
broke the passenger side floor pan. The picture below is the car with the broken floor removed.

We replaced the broken floor pan with a new one, put the interior back together, and the car was
good as new again. Here is the floor after the repairs were finished:

This is a 61 Corvette frame that we restored for a customer. It required
fairly extensive repair work due to being bent, having portions of brackets
torn off, holes cut in it with a torch, previous welds poorly done, etc.

After sandblasting and doing all the necessary repairs, the frame was painted
with a black epoxy primer.

A used rear axle assembly provided by us was rebuilt and mounted with all new
parts. New parts were also used for rebuilding the front suspension, brakes, shocks, etc.

Here are the before and after pics: