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A customer brought us his C5 Corvette with some unfortunate collision damage. The damage included a cracked front bumper, broken passenger side rocker panel, a hole in the rear bumper, damage to the passenger door, and scratches or chips on every other panel on the vehicle. We tore this car apart quite a bit during the repair process and fixed the broken rocker panel and some minor damage to the quarter panel as well. We replaced the passenger door, front bumper, and rear bumper. We then went over the rest of the car and repaired all the scratches, rock chips, and other defects before sending the car to the paint shop for a complete repaint. The car was repainted in the factory silver and a set of custom grey racing stripes were laid out to give it a different look. The rims were also refinished to give them a like new appearance. The end result is a C5 that now looks good as new and will stand out nicely with the custom paint.

The pictures below show the repair process from when we received the car until it was completed:

This car belongs to one of our customers and we just finished up custom painting his brake calipers to match the exterior of his car. They are now Corvette Sunset Orange with the Corvette letters being painted black to stand out a little better. We also sprayed them with clear coat so they are glossy just like the rest of the car. For better performance we swapped out the stock plain rotors with cross drilled and slotted ones. A set of stainless steel backer plates were also installed behind the brake pads to add a little chrome accent to the calipers as well.

Sometimes we get some unusual repair jobs into the shop and this is one of them we finished
up recently. Our customer struck an object in the road while driving around and it actually
broke the passenger side floor pan. The picture below is the car with the broken floor removed.

We replaced the broken floor pan with a new one, put the interior back together, and the car was
good as new again. Here is the floor after the repairs were finished:

This is a 61 Corvette frame that we restored for a customer. It required
fairly extensive repair work due to being bent, having portions of brackets
torn off, holes cut in it with a torch, previous welds poorly done, etc.

After sandblasting and doing all the necessary repairs, the frame was painted
with a black epoxy primer.

A used rear axle assembly provided by us was rebuilt and mounted with all new
parts. New parts were also used for rebuilding the front suspension, brakes, shocks, etc.

Here are the before and after pics: